Tantra Yoga and Tantric Treatments

7 main chakras

While most of people tend to get lost into the intensity of desires and sexual pleasures, tantrics remind us that a deeply fulfilling erotic experience is attained when we learn to perceive and feel beyond the physical sensation.

Reiki Energy Medicine – Pranic Healing

Reiki Healing – Energy Therapy Reiki Healing Energy Therapy helps to balance the mind and body. It is very useful for depression as it has a clearing and calming effect on the mind. It helps to release stored stress and tension, moving the body from a stress response to a relaxation response, and helping to balance your emotions.   Schedule your Reiki Session now. "Primarily, Reiki shifts your body’s stress response from its “fight-or-flight” state to a more restful state during and immediately after the session, which is better for your well-being and your health in the long run. (Being…