Reiki Energy Medicine – Pranic Healing

Reiki Healing – Energy Therapy

Reiki Healing Energy Therapy helps to balance the mind and body. It is very useful for depression as it has a clearing and calming effect on the mind. It helps to release stored stress and tension, moving the body from a stress response to a relaxation response, and helping to balance your emotions.

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“Primarily, Reiki shifts your body’s stress response from its “fight-or-flight” state to a more restful state during and immediately after the session, which is better for your well-being and your health in the long run. (Being in fight-or-flight mode triggers the release of stress hormones and other physiological changes that can be damaging if experienced constantly.) Then, once your body is less stressed, it can better heal itself”

Reiki FAQ and a good explanation af what stress is and how it affects your well-being.

What the Heck Happened to My Body During Reiki?

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👉 Revitalize mind and body
👉 Improve your self-perception
👉 Dissolve mental and emotional blockages and fears
👉 Promote your natural self-healing
👉 Become mentally clear and self-confident out of clarity
👉 Identify what is sucking out your life energy
👉 Learn how to come out of anxiety into love and joy
👉 Recover physically, mentally, and emotionally
👉 Experience deep peaceful relaxation, universal love and light

Feel cared for, supported and loved by the gentle touch of universal energy

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👉Reiki can be effectively and seamlessly combined with or added to other healing modalities we practice and offer. Just order one of these and ask for Reiki. Can be without extra charge combined with

  • Dynamic Osteopathic Passive Yoga massages (dissolves physical and energetic blockades, energies flow without resistance and deeply relaxes body and mind)
  • the Traditional Thai Yoga Massage (NUAD)
  • the Ayurvedic Marma Therapy, Marmas are special energy fields all over the body, helps strengthen the desired effects of a Reiki and can be used to address specific issues
  • the Chinese Chi Ne Tsang Belly Massage, freeing, breath opening, balancing

When booking a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Nui Massage Reiki can be seamlessly added to it during the treatment. Just ask for it when you come.

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