Supercharge your Chakras- Chakra Opening and Balancing Process – Open up to the Life that you truly are and the life experience that you deserve

Chakra Opening and Balancing through modalities Reiki – Pranic Healing – Ayurvedic Marma Therapy – Access Bars – Passive Yoga, including Holistic Life Coaching, all you need to know to succeed

Energy Healing is a pleasant and powerful therapy that helps you connect to your inner source of vibrancy and life force, making it available to shift physical, emotional and mental dysfunction to health and well-being.

Are you
looking for more than just a surface massage of your muscles?

  • something deeper … something that awakens your chakras, your energy system,
  • something that loosens the blockages in your energy flow and helps you to come to your full power and success
  • that makes you more confident, more balanced
  • that makes you more attractive to other people
  • something that feels awesome, deeply relaxing
  • something that gives you a wonderful new body feeling and instantly lets you feel ease and freedom and happiness in your body

    then you are exactly right here with Silvio

A social discount for this program is available, if eligible.

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Your very inner energetic setup will align and sync more and more toward your true nature.
Your inner vibrational reality will change, so you naturally will manifest change also in your personality and your outside world.
It requires your willpower which we will strengthen in the process.
In the process, you will go through a few changes in your life circumstances most likely.
You want change, isn`t it? So yes, you have to be willing to leave your comfort zone, however it may look like. As you change within things usually change outside of you. You will be supported.  Don`t worry.

  • Access to more positive emotions and feelings, more joy, happiness and less pain.
  • Energie-Meditations for home, to bring the advantages into your daily life.
  • Can be very helpful in problematic relationships at home, work or with friends, chronic health issues, financial problems, even weight issues or similar, weak immune system…
  • Work on self-acceptance, self-love, and self-sufficiency, feeling enough to be worth the feeling.

A physio-energetic treatment like the Dynamic Thai Yoga Massage ideally prepares body and mind, calms both, you, the receiver, into an allowing state and frees and activates the energy lines and chakras.

What are the Chakras?

The roots of healing go back thousands of years to traditional energy healing practices that integrate aspects of ourselves. In many cultures, energy centers, sometimes called chakras, have been identified. The best-known system today is the Hindu-chakra system developed seven hundred years ago, but there are many others.

Our themes are organized in a very specific way in our bodies. We take sadness “to heart” and feel “heartache” in the middle of the heart. We are “stifled” in the throat center and have undigested experiences in our bellies.

Working on the chakras in each of these areas can be of great help to rid us of challenging problems.

It can help us deal better with stress, alter old patterns of behavior, and transform pain, negativity, and unpleasant emotions.

When our chakras are balanced and awakened, our potential for love, healing and guidance is awakened.

We can live our lives more effortlessly and joyfully and become a greater source of light and healing for others.

We work together to eliminate energy blockages and reconnect with your vital life force.

How does it work?

Our Chakra Opening and Balancing treatment series is focusing on your physical and energy body and mind as an energy system, a vibrational system of interacting components. Every system of our body uses life energy to accomplish a coherent purpose.

For example, our cardiovascular system pumps blood to and from all organs and cells, our respiratory system helps us to breathe, our nervous system acts as a communication system.

These “energy systems” all work together to support and invigorate each other.

The deepest source of their energy is the chakra system. Our chakras are sources of life energy, each expressing a unique state of consciousness.

We live in a sea of interacting energy.

And we ourselves are beings of life energy. We are made of light!

We create a safe, supportive environment to promote your natural healing abilities. I work with you on your entire body and touch the energy chakras with special attention.

Here, the work is meant to help liberate excessive, unpleasant energy and fill each chakra with pure, soothing life energy that naturally circulates through your body and beyond.

So, this offer is about for you to free your entries and to archive a higher flow of your life force energy through your physical and energetic system …

… which will open your mind and change your perception of the world you see and experience outside of you. It`s about allowing yourself to be a higher expression of what you truly are, a powerful spirit.

This cannot be archived in a single session from where most of us are or see ourselves in relationship to others and our outside world. You have to be willing to stick to the process and also to some daily practice. In the process, we are going to strengthen your willpower. As you experience positive results within yourself and outside of you, soon you realize.

How do we start?

In this program, we will start with a series of 6 sessions on a weekly frequency, which is very important. After the first session you will also receive

The first initial session lasts about 2 hours and includes a test of your life energy and energy centers, often guided meditations and hands-on massage sessions in order to free your physical body from major tensions and contractions in your muscles, facsia, skeletal system, inner organs as these are physically manifested blockages and stagnations of your life force.

As we are individually very different in setup and our past storyline, some may require more 2 or 3 sessions like this. You will learn how to keep new tensions out of the system. You receive your individual guide and some simple practice every day to ensure to get the maximum out of your investment in yourself. Not much will be asked from you, not much time you need to spend with, nothing you cannot do. However, this process requires your discipline and requires you to commit to it, to yourself, your new self. I will help you with this commitment, don`t worry and I`ll be there for you over these 6 weeks for any questions or concerns that may arise.

As you follow the guidance given to you individually, no matter what, your success is sure. Your inner vibrational reality will positively change you you will see positive signs of change in your circumstances and your interaction with others.
All you need to know about will be given to you and you can always ask questions.

The following 5 sessions, which last about 60 to 90 minutes, are tailored to your individual physical and mental needs. Most, involve energy or bodywork, others may be training sessions that teach you how to cleanse and revive and open your chakras on your own and how not to collect blocking tensions and contractions again.

Guided meditations, paired with NFT and maybe hypnosis train your subconscious in how to express the light of your true nature into your world. The sessions help you clear your chakras and your body, releasing old energetic patterns, and strengthening your ability to experience and express pure life energy when your chakras are awakening and animated.

This program is available as a package of 6 weekly sessions only. You should make sure not to skip any session, so you have to block a day and time per week for it and make it your first priority as I make you and your progress my first priority. As you follow the guidance your investment into yourself will surely pay of for you, into more ease and flow and well-being in your life experience.

You can book the program here and schedule your first appointment.

A social discount for this program is available if you are eligible to receive it. 
For any questions and to find out if you are ready for this program and how I will help you stick to it please contact me on WhatsApp or Telegram or via Facebook messenger.