⚛ 𝗥𝗘𝗜𝗞𝗜 ⚛ Reiki Energy Medicine – with Simona and Silvio


Reiki Healing – Energy Therapy
Reiki Healing Energy Theraphy helps to balance the mind and body. It is very useful for depression as it has a clearing and calming effect on the mind. It helps to release stored stress and tension, moving the body from a stress response to a relaxation response, helping to balance your emotions.


👉 Revitalize mind and body
👉 Improve your self-perception
👉 Disolve mental and emotional blockages and fears
👉 Promote your natural self-healing
👉 Become mentally clear and self-confident out of clarity
👉 Identify what is sucking out your life energy
👉 Learn how to come out of anxiety into love and joy
👉 Recover physically, mentally, emotionally
👉 Experience deep peaseful relaxation, universal love and light

⚛ Feel cared for, supported and loved by the gentle touch of universal energy

⚛𝗥𝗘𝗜𝗞𝗜 – Reiki Energy Medicine


👉 Refuel and regenerate yourself again
with Simona (EN, FR, LV, RU) and Silvio (DE/EN)
in and around Luxembourg country

💚 from €45, TARIFFS/OPTIONS BELOW, Your first 15 Minutes free
Phone/WhatsApp: 621 349 791 Email: Team@Healing-Hands.lu


Simona and Silvio: We are harmonizing and complementing each other in inducing love and healing in others while giving and we inspire, teach, reflect and support each other on our live path within a wonderful old soulmate connection. We process very similar spiritual gifts and interests and we love to give from our heart.

💙 Distance Reiki from 40€/30 min, 3 to 10 consecutive applications, building on top of each other, daily or weekly

💚 Reiki group sessions 90 min, with holistic life coaching/guided meditation, e.g. families, for children, teenagers or adults, from 4 participants on €30 per participant.

👉Reiki can be effectively combined with other healing modalities we practice

  • with Dynamic Osteopathic Passive Yoga massages (dissolves physical and energetic blockades, energies flow without resistance and deeply relaxes body and mind)
  • with the Traditional Thai Yoga Massage (NUAD)
  • with the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Nui Healing Massage Ritual
  • with Ayurvedic Marma Therapy