Peaceful & Serene Environment

Relaxation and balance and the ability to let go is so important for our very wellbeing, which is our indicator for being on the right track towards what we really want to experience in life.

Experience with us peace of mind and emotional balance.
Gain instant higher energy.
Feel more alive.

We guide you to take easy steps towards inner peace and constant joy. This is where wellbeing starts.

We are dedicated to your health, wellbeing, personal healing, growth, and discovery.

Raise your energetic vibration and learn to keep it high. So you become attractive and helpful to others around you. Learn how to heal your relationships. Don`t be part of the problem any longer. Become part of the solution. Become a healer yourself.

Our cozy farmhouse in Niederanven is a beautiful relaxing place for coming together, for exchange, spirit, and mantra music, for meditation, uplifting workshops, and coaching given from a non-judgemental space, with empathy, equanimity, and joy. You are welcome here to re-fill your batteries.
Join us for a wellness or healing session or a first session to get to know each other in one of our studios in NiederanvenBonnevoieWilwerwiltzTrier, or your convenient home. Please, ask your appointment or contact us for any your questions at +352 621 349 791 or  via email to