How do we understand our passion and mission? What is a true healer?

HHL Luxembourg

How we understand our passion and mission

A healer actually does not heal you. A healer induces your bodies and minds self-healing capability, helps you towards healing, while intuitively guided, speaking out of the flow of love. A healer is fully present with you, passionate and dedicated to you, with loving intention, never forcing something onto you, respecting your free will as a universal law, as the source respects your free will all the time in any given life situation. You`re always free to choose. A true healer gently invites and motivates you to let healing happen. A true healer is reminding you experientially that all you need to heal you already came with, is guiding you towards what you truly are.

A healer intuitively guides you ideally like a GPS towards self-healing and the healing of all your relationships, including the most important one to yourself, A healer uplifts, motivates and strengthens you. He is connected to his Higher Self and so to your Higher Self, which all time knows where you are in relationship to where you want to be, and is constantly guiding you towards that, through your emotional guidance system.

A true healer guides you towards becoming a healer yourself and this without even you required to do anything active in your outer reality, just by doing what you love to do anyway, by giving what your soul essence is and what your innate gifts are, which feels just so good.

A true healer is experientially aware that all healing modalities are just tools to be used towards helping healing you from within, through the only true healing which there is and that is forgiveness, which the only true and lasting healing, which does not create other new illusions, which is helping us out of the karmic cycle of suffering and the ups and downs in our life experience.


So in fact a true healer does not focus on the problems or symptoms of somebody looking for help and guidance but towards the healthy and healed state.

And this exactly is what our mission is. Each modality we practice is a skill-fully used tool for true healing. True healing through forgiveness. We gently guide and invite you towards that, as you just allow us. We help you towards becoming the conscious creator of your outer reality, towards being constantly peaceful and joyful, out of your power within and then experiencing more and more reason and confirmation for being joyful, experiencing repeatedly that you are on the right path, which your very wellbeing indicates, which your high vibration indicates.

We practice what we teach. Whatever we teach you can bring into your own experience.

So as you just come open-minded and ready to learn anew, as you stick to the process and follow our advice, you are going to see the results you desire in your life or even better, you are going to see beautiful change happen within and outside of you, naturally, by law so to say. 
That`s our promise