Wherever you currently are, we can help you with almost any physical, mental, relationship or spiritual issue you encounter on your life journey.

Human LIfe Experience

We help with all kind of physical issues such as

» Instant pain relief » Complaints in the muscular system » Connective tissues and skeleton system » Injuries» Tensions of all kinds » Migraines and Chronic headaches » Chronic diseases » Digestion problems » Scar tissues » Detoxification of the body » Low energy and chronic fatigue » Menstrual disorders » Infertility » Erectile dysfunction » Hormonal imbalances » Trembling » Eating disorders » Drug dependency/addiction

Accompaniment of people who have to undergo longer-lasting, medical treatments due to injuries or serious health diseases, such as chemotherapy or certain types of rehabilitation

Help with with all kind of psychological issues such as

» Stressful life situations » Difficulties in focusing attention and inability to implement projects » Feeling of failure » Releasing childhood or abuse trauma » Bad memory or memory loss » Insomnia » Negative Thought Spirals » Lack of Self-esteem » Self-acceptance » Self-love » Rage, Anger and lack of self-control » Burnout and depression » Anxiety » All kind of fear, e.g. major life changes » Help with just to say NO to what or those that do not serve anymore » Help with balancing Giving and Receiving » Loss of grounding

How we perceive our world is always just reflecting our state of consciousness.

We provide advice, reading, guidance and treatments for these and any other themes on our spiritual journey

» Feeling alone
» Feeling a failure
» Unrequited love
» Help for empaths in dealing with their gift
» Help with unpleasant side effects of sacred plant use
» Help with going through the “dark night of the soul”
» Awakening and empowering one’s female energy
» True Self-empowerment, systematic guidance
» Female empowering
» Activating, balancing and strengthening Chakras and life force
» Becoming emotionally fully available to others
» Letting go of regret, resentment, blame, guilt, shame
» Letting go of any lack beliefs
» Climbing up the scale of consciousness
» Increasing your energetic vibration
» Systematic guidance towards self-realization
» Romantic Relationship Healing
» Finding out about your soul essence, your karmic lessons and obstacles, your souls gift, your destiny and the path to its realization, and the ideal soul mate like life partner for you.
» Attracting the One
» Help with soul mate relationships
» Guidance twin flame relationships for “chasers” and “runners”
» …