How To Master Meditation, Part 2: Focusing and Allowing

Mastering Meditation

Most Essential Skills For Meditation (And Life In General)

Focusing and allowing are the most important skills one can ever learn if they want to become a deliberate creator of a joyful life experience. Before I write about their use in meditation, I will explain why they are so essential to master.

Power Of Focus

Without mastering focus, your mind will wonder and your happiness will depend solely on what you observe around you. If things are good, you will feel good, if things go south, you will feel bad.

Because human society is still taught to focus mainly on the negative – you will mostly feel some negative emotion. Strengthening your power of focus gives you the opportunity to choose to focus on what feels good to you, no matter what is happening around you and thus attract more good feeling manifestations into your life.

If you push against anything, you are feeling bad, and attracting more of what feels bad to you. When you know this, you know that pushing against anything is bringing you the opposite results of those that you want to experience. Thus you may decide to learn to allow whatever you were pushing against to be.

Art Of Allowing

Allowing is more than just focusing away from what you don’t want toward what feels good to you. Refocusing is the first step and it is enough, because just by diverting your attention, positive manifestation of a better feeling outcome becomes possible. And thus focusing on what you want is enough to lead a good feeling life full of manifestations that surprise and delight you.

Allowing is more than that and becomes more available with practice. It gives you the opportunity to see the thing you were previously pushing against in such a way, that you don’t feel the need to push it away any longer.

You allow it to be.

You love it for the contrast it provided you. You thank it for all that you have become because of it. Then you no longer see a necessity to focus upon it, because it gave you all that it was there to give. It can emerge in your awareness and you will no longer feel negative emotions when that happens.

Mastering allowing enables you to accept any situation, any person, any thing exactly as it is and thus shorten the gap between the contrast and the positive manifestation significantly, because you don’t spend time pushing against.

Focus In Meditation

Most meditation practices focus on focus, because that is what is easier to master in the beginning for most people. The principle is always the same – you focus on something that is relatively steady and not too interesting (like your breathing, a sound, a sensation, a mantra…) and whenever thoughts emerge you gently return your attention to your object of focus.

That way you train your focus and you let your thoughts slow down to a point where you experience your connection to your inner being more strongly, indicated by: a bobbing of your head, or a swaying motion of your body, or tingling, or lightness, or peace, or a rush of joy.

Allowing In Meditation

When you are there, it is the time to stop practicing focus and start allowing, because that is the point where you are likely to receive pleasant ideas, thoughts, images, sounds, feelings (or anything else that feels good) from your inner being. When you notice thoughts emerging, that don’t feel light to you – just refocus on your object of focus until you feel good again and are at a place when you can practice allowing again.

But apart from “heavy” feeling thoughts (thinking about the to-do list, worrying about a problem etc.) the practice of allowing is simple: to allow whatever emerges to be. Just enjoy the feeling of lightness and the fun of new things emerging that are like small love notes from your inner being.

Don’t expect anything you think should happen (i.e. because it used to happen), but allow everything that happens to be as it is. Then you can be open to notice the newness in every moment. Accept everything as it is and know it is perfect as it is.

Allowing For Life

This will strengthen your intuition tremendously. It will lead you to new places and it will inspire you to action that will bring you near immediate joyful results that will surprise and delight you.

And it will teach you the art of allowing that you can apply in your everyday life. It might also lead you to a place where you no longer need to practice focusing but can just allow all thoughts to be – not feeling attached to them in any way. Allowing all emotions to be. Allowing all reactions to be. Not needing any of them to change.

And in getting there you will witness all that was previously something you might have pushed against change and transform into loving energy that nourishes and strengthens your positive momentum of everything you ever desired.

That is the ultimate mastery of allowing that will completely transcend all boundaries and make you into a master deliberate creator.

You will allow the highest vibrations of pure love and joy become one with you, making every step of your life fulfilling and fun. And with that highest energy you will radiate light uplifting the world in magical new ways. The clarity of your example will be so clear that you will also teach those who never even met you, just by you allowing yourself to be you.

It is a wonderful place to be and a little bit of willingness and practice will make it available to you.

Enjoy. Be. Love.

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