How To Master Meditation, Part 1: Volition

Mastering Meditation

The Most Important Factor for a Successful Meditation

The most important factor for a successful meditation is volition. It is the voluntary decision to take 15 or 20 minutes of your day to consciously connect to your higher self/source/inner being. That is the foundation everything else is built upon, for obvious reasons. If you don’t make that decision and don’t take the time, you can’t have a successful meditation because you will not have any meditation.

Now, volition may seem vague to you and maybe not enough.

But it is. It is much more powerful than you’d think.

Ask For Assistance and It Will Be Given You

Before you sit down for a meditation, focus on a thought like this (you can choose it in any way that feels best to you, this is just an example to inspire you to understand the essence of what I mean):

“Dear Inner Being, this quiet time I want to gift to you. May you guide into my vortex, into peace, into joy, into love, into the essence of what I am. I will trust you to lead the way. If I need a word to help me, you will give it to me. If I need a thought, that you will also give. And if I need a tranquil, open mind, that will be your gift to me.”

With this invitation, you will not be alone “battling” with your thoughts anymore. You will have invited your inner being to help you find what you are seeking.

You will always receive help when you ask for it. Your Inner Being will guide you. It will inspire you to the right flow. And all you need to do is let yourself go with the flow and be gradually sucked into the delicious vortex of non-resistance.

When you trust this process and just ease into it, you will have a successful meditation, no matter what happened during it. Don’t judge it or yourself if you think it should have gone in a different direction. How good the meditation feels depends only on your starting point and your belief on how hard it is. But it is a certainty it will feel better and better the more you do it, and especially if you do it daily.

Any Process Can Get You There

You can use any meditation process to help you start (focusing on a sound, on your breathing, on your heart chakra, on a mantra, on chanting, on counting breaths, on an image, on a deity…) and then just let go of control, let go of all struggle, let go of all trying to achieve anything and just let yourself be. Let your inner being guide you.

You might find yourself inspired to use one of these focus objects again or focus on something new mid-meditation. Or you might just enjoy watching your thoughts emerge and subside, flow in one direction, and then in the other. Feeling you are not thinking them, but just watching, curious, interested. Easy.

However it goes – just let it be and it will be good.

Your inner being will value your volition to connect and will continue to guide you next time. I promise you that you will start noticing leaps in wellbeing you feel during a meditation after only a few sessions.

Try it out and allow yourself to be surprised and delighted to where it leads you.

Enjoy. Be. Love.

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