Where is my life going? Your individual Soul Blueprint Reading – Your Soul contract decoded

Where is my life going?

Would you like to find out about what it is that would bring you true fulfillment in life?

Would you like to find out about Soul Purpose and potential, your Soul Essence, your soul’s Gift you came to realize and use to serve yourself and others, about your Karmic Lessons you came to learn and integrate and Karmic Obstacles, about your chosen destiny in this incarnation and the Clear Path to it, and also about ideal life partner?

Would you like to find out also about your individually best effective tools and practices which would help you to to align to your soul blueprint, to lasting fulfillment much faster than you ever could archive this by learning true differentiation, life experiences and all the ups and downs in your life? Which actually is not at all a question of time but merely just about your willingness to let go of what’s not serving you on your path?

Your individual Basic Soul Blueprint Reading

Order your individual soul blueprint. Takes one or two business days to deliver.

Do you want to know about your main soul blueprint characteristics?
Following our soul contract is the only way to find lasting fulfillment in all aspects of our life, here in our 3d reality, as long we are defining ourselves as separated human beings. And even those disciples of Love who are committed to serving only their divine truth, serving oneness, get beautifully, quasi automatically, guided, aligned to it. The only way to change our blueprint, within an incarnation, if we really would want that, is to realize it first and so it is to realize and become our true individual Self, which we all will, sooner or later, but for most of us not within the current incarnation, as only a few came for this.
So, the best option usually is always to accept and align to our soul contract …

Flower of Life

… the very reason why you came into this incarnation. Actually, this is quite publicly accessible, something you could not hide to those who are already able to see, just probably it is not yet available, accessible to yourself.

Would you like to know?
This basic soul blueprint details can be very helpful in walking your path, avoiding aberrations, confusion, suffering, loss of your valuable linear time while struggling around in what most of us perceive as the labyrinth of life experiences.

Such a basic soul blueprint reading can be provided to everybody, no matter where you are on your journey, no requirements or specific level of awareness needed to receive it. Just very basic information will be asked from you.

Why are your soul blueprint qualities kind of public?
Because it simply is your soul’s characteristics which a profoundly clairvoyant or clairsentient or claircognizant and experienced person or healer anyway could see or recognize from your energetic aura, your energy body, which nobody can hide or fake.

The basic soul blueprint reading we offer here however does not consider the lessons you were going through and learned and integrated already within your current lifetime. It`s just accessing your soul blueprint with which you were born into this incarnation, but promised, it is anyway very valuable and provides you with major clarity.

It is your blueprint, cannot be faked, cannot be misinterpreted, except you insist to, which cannot be ignored. You can however always choose otherwise, expressing your free will, consciously or unconsciously, but naturally your soul or higher self will guide you back to it, which sometimes doesn`t feel so pleasant to us, unfortunately, which usually comes with suffering.

If after receiving the reading you wish to sort out and compare it in relation to where you currently are on your life journey to where you want to be and to where your soul desires you to be, this can be archived in a private face-to-face session thereafter with Silvio.

For the Basic soul blueprint reading we offer here a personal or visual contact is not necessary. We will just ask very basic information from you. And actually the reading is not magic or complicated at all, it just requires some time, which differs from person to person. We deliver within one or two workdays after your order.

A little warning before: We really cannot guarantee that you like your reading from where you are on your journey right now. However, we can definitely guarantee that your soul blueprint characteristics will be correct. Anyway, in case you insist that the information we deliver is nonsense or hocus-pocus and not valuable for you, we gladly pay you back the money exchange you offered to us, within two workdays, no questions asked. Our Money-back-guarantee. Fair deal?

Order your individual soul blueprint. Takes one or two business days to deliver.

We deliver your individual reading as Text, Audio or Video within two working days, whichever you prefer.

Personal Appointment

Live Face2Face readings in a private session talk in Niederanven, Bonnevoie or Zoom video call, where all your questions, doubts, and hesitations can be addressed and answered are available by appointment.

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