Eifersucht – das grüne Monster, Jealousy – the green monster

English transcript of the video in German language

Jealousy – the green monster Often that`s a deep sitting fear which holds us back on our spiritual journey, in our relationships, and from clarity in seeing what truly is.

“Jealousy is a passion that creates suffering with zeal
“Healing Hands – Holistic Life Coaching www.Healing-Hands.lu

One minute you feel deeply connected to your partner, the next minute you feel a queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach when you see him or her paying attention to someone else.

It could even be that your buddy announces a business dinner – to which you are not invited. But this attractive and oh so charming colleague is.Your stomach is turning, and maybe you are even angry.

A whole range of emotions bubbles up inside you. You are wondering: “Am I being childish here, or do I have a right to be concerned? Should I say something?”

No matter how secure you feel in your relationship, you will be surprised when the green-eyed monster raises its ugly head and takes your feelings hostage. Happens. Does it? And then something like “What does she have that I don’t have? “Why you are jealous.

The feeling of jealousy is usually associated with something that happened a long time ago. Sometimes it is related to a relationship with a sibling – and their relationship with their mother or father. Maybe it seemed to you that your brother or sister had much more fun in the relationship or got more.

Such a favorite child. Ouch. Preferred. Ouch. When children experience that their parents prefer a sibling, it creates fear.

“What if they love him/her more?”

“What if they stop caring about me?”

And if you ask for more, you get this: “What’s wrong with me that they don’t love me so much?”

It is precisely these early feelings that make us feel unworthy of love, and they prevent us from building and maintaining deep emotional, honest, open relationships in adulthood.

Early feelings like these create “triggers” in our subconscious, so that a benign situation, like seeing your lover chatting with someone at a party, can drive you into an emotional crash. If you recognize this, as I like to call it, green monster in you and truly want to bring it into healing, then we at Healing Hands can certainly help you.

Come for a non-binding conversation, in person or via video. Just send me a PM.The key to relationship happiness – A beginningLike saying “Oh, I’m scared” can heal your relationship.

For example, if you realize that you are trying to control your partner’s feelings in any way. Especially then If you think the solution to the fear is to make your partner stop interacting with someone in particular.

When you discover something like this with your partner, it greatly deepens the level of intimacy that you experience together. Let’s say, quite simply: “I was afraid when I saw you talking/talking to this woman/you talking to this man so well. Something like that. When you express a vulnerable feeling like fear, it doesn’t inspire your partner to be defensive. Because you are expressing an emotion within yourself – rather than pointing the finger at your partner – he or she is rather able to feel compassion for you and understand why you feel this way.

This is very different from accusing each other: “Why did you flirt shamelessly at that party? – and creating such painful distance, you have made this an opportunity to create more connection and closeness. That would be a good start. Talk consciously and lovingly with yourself and your partner about your fear.Have a wonderful, peaceful day!SilvioHealing Hands – Holistic Life Coaching www.Healing-Hands.lu

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