Your longing for Yourself

love light energy

Are you aware that it is your longing for yourself that leads you step by step all the time? ✨Your deeply felt longing to merge completely with the source and to realize that you are the one Yourself… ✨it has always been your guide… and so it is also now! 🌟Do you know that you are a shifting, ever-changing frequency field and that you draw into your field exactly what corresponds to your current frequency? ✨ You are creator! 🌟 Law of attraction – exactly 🌟 I am sure you know all this… ❤️

Can you feel how your frequency determines the mental/thought fields you enter? ✨Depending on where your frequency is, your thoughts about yourself, about others, about the circumstances “out there”, your (re)actions, your wishes and visions are formed. ✨

Your thoughts become the words you speak and they show you exactly who you are or where your frequency is. ✨ (Please do not judge yourself, just observe lovingly and realize that you can and may choose!)

✨💎✨Before you try to save the world, revolutionize it or give birth to a new one, the question is: Have you taken responsibility for your own frequency? 🌟You know what’s good for you? 🌟Do you now you where your joy lies, what increases your vibration and on which frequency fields you want to play (or not)?🌟

If you do not like your perception of the world, then change the channel on that you receive it! Take everything what you do not like as an incentive to feel what you really want (instead) and then go for it and live it the new! 🌟

Feel in yourself the beauty, the joy, the freedom, the love that is possible among each other and with each other! ❤️🧡🧡💛💙💜Feel into your heart, feel your Golden Light, connect with your source – with YOU! 🌟And from there connect with your joy, your love of life and your open radiance.

Allow yourself to be YOU and life will lay everything at your feet in every moment. ❤️Your task is to calibrate to and celebrate yourself with everything that is there 🥳✨.

The universe speaks frequency, vibration, and this higher intelligence always fulfills all the wishes that you express and want to experience in accordance with your frequency.
The universe is just a huge copy machine, it always just copies your vibrational state of being. Just find your way sticking to feel having what you desire to receive. This is unconditional Love❤️

It is very simple. Make it your absolute priority to take care of your frequency and the miracles you desire will happen in your life… and more! There is no appearance outside of your consciousness, awareness. Give what you wish to receive. Your vibration is what you give, what you feel is not dependent on anything that obviously is outside of YOU. It`s either a habitual, programmatic or a conscious choice.💕

Choose. NOW. Be present.

Live, truly live. Realize you are LIFE.

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