TWIN FLAMES: Can a twin flame ever be fully distracted by being in another relationship?


Can a twin flame ever be fully distracted by being in another relationship or being immerced in a passion?

And briefly answered: What is standing in your way and how to make that relationship true in 3D anyway, no matter how the situation seems to appear?

I answer these question from my own experiences, the experiences of others and from my research over the past two years. So here it goes….

Twin flames are connected forever by their souls, so really they will never be fully distracted as the “Universe” (call it as it resonates with you) wants you to be together, sooner or later, but to work together, even if both life in their own “reality bubble”. You may think you have moved on but they will pop up again for sure.

The lessons one of them is learning, the inner work on twin is doing, will naturally cause the other to receive his lessons and to evolve in it`s state of being.

So if one of you end up in a relationship with someone else I trust, as I experienced the power of this special connection in me and others, that at some point on your journey through life experience(s) you both come together.
The reason why you are not already together is there are more lessons for both of you to learn before union can happen. You can be distracted to a certain point in this conciousness but you both are connected for eternity, you can choose to ignore it, suppress it, deny it, but there is no way to cut this strong non-physical band between the two of you.
It is designed like that, and it was YOU, your true SELF which was choosing to undertake this journey before you incarnated.

So now, very briefly, How to make it happen if you already choosed to really want that relationship manifests for you in 3D?
Actually this fast and fearless approach applies to anything you truly desire to experience and has nothing to do with doing but all with being, all with your vibrational state of being.

If you can clearly imagine, clearly feel into, you both being together physically, then that reality already exists, because you cannot imagine what is not already created, which does not already exist.
This geting much clearer from a experiential understanding of what creation is and how your consciousness creates, how it happens, or better how your pure awareness your sense of I EXIST or I AM, beyond the words, is choosing to co-create from what is already created since “big bang” into your 3D experience. It gets easier form a experiential understanding of what parallel realities are and how to consciously jump them.

So you are in fact just shifting your vibration towards choosing that already existing reality in which you both are together, growing together in physical and energetic relationship.

What is it that is standing your way to manifest this right now? Just very briefly.

  • Your limiting beliefs about yourself, your twin, in creation, lack of trust in the power of this relationship and your own innate power, your true Self, which just wants to guide you into manifesting anything you desire, which is constantly guiding you through your emotional GPS.
    All this stuff doesnt feel good, causes contraction in your physical body. That`s the GPS. With some awareness easy to identify.
  • You still making somebody or something responsible for how you feel, which can never be true, not yet realizing your twin is a perfect reflection of your state of being. You resisting what obviously is, means you are not yet in a allowing peaceful state holding so what the contrast you experience right now in your 3D experience.
  • You asking for HOW it could/would happen for you or choosing to see the manifestation of this union impossible, temporarly or long term, doesnt matter. The HOW is not your business at all. Your vibrational state ob being is your only responsibility.
  • It suddenly always comes down to YOUR limiting beliefs, the stories your are teaching yourself and others, none of them feel good and all of them causing contraction in your body, actually easy to identify.

Truth/Love always just feels good.
What is not feeling good are the obstacles within you towards that Love you desire to receive, which you have to dissolve in your Love. That`s your our main lesson, especially true for twins.

The answer is always unconditional Love.
This is true for your twin, and for yourself, your limiting believe systems and for anything in our life experience.

So, when are you near to manifesting your physical twin union?

When your can frequently apply this mantra to your twin and yourself, free of any resistance/contraction within, just feeling “love-light-ease”:


Saying just YES to every moment.

Does not mean to give up on your desire.

This is what I teach, constantly myself and not only to twins, to be apllied for anybody and anything, especially for those we, for whatever valid appearing reason, hold imprisoned in our judgment while just imprisoning ourselves.

Side effect of this inner work is: On your way towards that state of consciousness your life experience is getting better and better, it is truly empowering in any aspect of your life as you you step out of victimhood into becoming the conscious co-creator of your reality the one who realized giving is receiving. Your relationship towards any aspect of YOU heals.

Love is, and what does not feel so is just a cry for Love.
It is not a question of time but just of your willingness.

Be blessed with peace and joy.

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