Energy Medicine and Holistic Spiritual Life Coaching


⚛ Energetic Osteopathic Treatments, Reiki and Holistic Spiritual Life Coaching – deeply connected in intese presense

Experience an amazing 4-Hand Reiki with Simona & Silvio
a team in amazing sync with each other and source, from 45€
We love to give together.

👉 Open your sleeping or blocked chakras (energy centres)
👉 Learn how to set and keep your energetic vibration high
👉 Learn how to deal with your high sensitivity (Empaths)
👉 Learn how to not take on ‘negative’ energies of others
👉 Learn how to bring yourself into emotional and mental balance and how to keep it up, no matter what
👉 Learn how to really forgive and set yourself and others free
👉 Learn how to end your karmic cycle with ‘bad’ realtionships
👉 Learn simple steps how to improve any of your realtionships
👉 Learn how to see the change you want to see in your romantic partner, simple do’s and dont’s lead to success
👉 Learn how to overcome auto-immune or chronic disease

💗 Learn how to stay joyful and uplifting all day long.
💗 Learn and experience how true Love, true Joy, true Peace, and true Forgiveness dissolves and obstacle or difficulty in life.
💗 Learn what true love really is and how to find your true self.
All we ask from you is that you come open minded and willing
to practise the simple advice we teach and you see results fast.

💙 Distance Reiki from 40€/30 min, 3 to 10 consecutive applications, building on top of each other, daily or weekly

💚 Reiki group sessions 90 min, with holistic life coaching/guided meditation, e.g. families, for children, teenagers or adults, from 4 participants on €30 per participant.

👉 Reiki can be effectively combined with other healing modalities we practice

  • with Dynamic Osteopathic Passive Yoga massages (dissolves physical and energetic blockades, energies flow without resistance and deeply relaxes body and mind)
  • with the Traditional Thai Yoga Massage (NUAD)
  • with the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Nui Healing Massage Ritual
  • with Ayurvedic Marma Therapy

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