What is REIKI?

Reiki is a wonderful, loving memethod of treatment, which is usually done by laying on hands and works on all levels, i.e. body, soul and spirit heals.

Remember when you were a child and your parents, when you hurt yourself, held their hands over it and the pain disappeared. This is our subconscious’s memory of the healing power that dwells in each of us.

👉 Today Reiki is practiced around the globe, by everyday people and those who work in health care, both in alternative and traditional Western healing, and is compatible with all faiths.

Energy Healing with Silvio

The Reiki energy is available to everyone, flows through and surrounds us and we can learn to become aware of this energy within us, to influence, direct and transform it for example through different forms of yoga or energy work. Silvio teaches how to use this energy specifically with his “Energy Medicine” Yoga classes and seminars.

👉 Reiki energy always flows, even now, in every human being.
Reiki as a form of treatment is a Japanese framework for energy healing in order to transfer universal energy with loving intention to a receiver.

Reiki is comparable with the Indian “Pranic Healing” and other modalities for energy healing, which use different terminology and slightly different methods, but all work with the same universal life energy and are depending on visualization, focus and and will power, one-pointedness, the degree of self-healing and the experience of the practitioner and then have the same strong healing effect. They all work or channel the same healing universal energy. The Indian Pranic Healing method Silvio startet with he still prefers to help clients with chronic physical issues or sickness or clients in chronic pain effectively.

In Reiki, according to the understanding of Japanese religiosity, “KI” is described as an impersonal natural force that is present all over the world. “KI” means the universal life energy that flows through everything that lives. “KI” is “life itself”, the “power of being”. “KI” is of divine origin.

👉 There are no limits to the use of Reiki and it harmonizes wonderfully with all the treatment forms of Western medicine. In the following we list some application examples.

⚛ Energetic Purification of Aura and Energy Body
⚛ Mental healing and emotional balance
⚛ Refuel and regenerate, find courage
⚛ Help for self-help, motivation and strength
⚛ Negative Thought Spirals, Self Perception
⚛ Fears and depressive states
⚛ Relationship problems of all kinds
⚛ Support for major changes in life
⚛ Sleep problems and lack of energy, lack of drive
⚛ Help and comfort in the loss of loved ones
⚛ Activation of self-healing powers
⚛ Reiki for behavioural problems and self-control
⚛ Health care and prevention
⚛ For digestive problems
⚛ Autoimmune diseases
⚛ Hormonal Disbalance
⚛ Shingles, neurodermatitis and other skin diseases
⚛ Cancer and tumors
⚛ Loading medication with Reiki
⚛ Supports dependency and addiction
⚛ Palliative Care and Hospice
⚛ Breath-, speech- and voice therapy
⚛ Reiki Energy for Moving and Space Clarification
⚛ Reiki energy helps to activate the soul plan

⚛ Reiki energy helps to activate the soul plan
⚛ Energetic cleaning of apartments, houses, squares and rooms
⚛ Business start-ups or larger personal projects
⚛ Reiki for food and drinking water
⚛ Healing for animals

“In the event of a serious illness, it is highly recommended that Reiki be given to the whole body at least twice a day until the illness subsides.”

⚛ “Universal energy always works for the benefit of the recipient, never negatively. If we work exclusively with universal energy, there are no limitations to its use. If we work exclusively with universal energy, the practitioner cannot feel exhausted. If we work exclusively with universal energy, this method harmonizes with all forms of therapy, methods for personal growth, world views and with all meditation techniques”. (DAO Magazine Far Eastern Art of Living, Reiki)

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