Bodywork & Therap. Yoga

Art of bodywork, Sensual Touch, Classic and therapeutic Yoga. We provide wide range of amazing therapy.

Reiki Energy Medicine

What is energy medicine and why it is for you?

Holistic Life Coaching

Holistic Life & Health Coaching

Wellness and Healing Treatments

Experience the power of Sensual Touch in Intense Presence and Connection. Calm down and deeply relax. Get recharged with fresh energy and positivity. Treat yourself to an effective short vacation from your busy everyday life, being burdened, worries and obligations. Our amazing massages are given with loving kindness from a non-judgemental, connected space, in a pleasant, supporting, meditative Atmosphere. We practice and master various kinds of healing modalities as the tools to be used towards helping you heal from within, reminding you of the innate healing power you already came with into your life experience.

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Healing Hands Luxembourg

Healing Hands Luxembourg

Unchangeable conditions are "unchangeable" only because you believe they are.

Institute for Well-Being, Inner Peace, Balance, Ease, Joy, Personal Growth and Relationship Healing

We help you restore balance by triggering your relaxation response and through our energetic and physical treatments and the power of words to promote relief for any mental, physical and chronic ailments. Our goal is for you to leave refreshed, revitalized, in emotional and mental balance, uplifted and motivated.

REIKI Energy Healing, PRANIC Healing

Excellent Osteopathic Dynamic Massage Therapy
Transformative Meditation
Yoga and Workshops, Therapeutic Yoga
Sound and Voice Healing

Instant Pain & Tensions Release Treatments

Believe Clearing, Transformative Hypnosis and
Neuro Linguistic Programing NLP

Trauma Release, Anxiety and Depression Release

Help for emotionally overwhelmed empaths

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Free initial Life & Health Coaching Session

As you are new to Healing Hands or Holistic Spiritual Life Coaching we offer a free intitial 15 minutes talk to get to know each other. Tell us where you are on your life journey and what you need help with. Just call or message us to make and local or remote call appointment. We love to serve you on your path to your innate well-being.

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10% Discount for new clients

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