Instant pain relieve treatments

Energy Healing with Silvio

Profound body and mind experience of a Yoga teacher, healer and bodywork artist applied to serve people in need, at all stages of their life. Come and experience the before and after effect.

My Immediate Release Techniques effectively help with lots of common issues people face every day such as

  • Unlocking of the trigeminal nerve
  • Unlocking of the gastric reflux
  • Unlocking of constipation
  • Treatment for cystitis
  • Treatment to quit smoking
  • Treatment for hand’s and feet’s excessive sweating
  • Treatment for alopecia
  • Treatment to increase breast milk in new mothers
  • Treatment for halitosis and frequent caries
  • Treatment for repeated cramps
  • Treatment for sleepwalking and teeth grinding
  • Treatment for constant nightmares
  • Treatment for prostate related problems
  • Unlocking of facial hemi-paresis
  • Unlocking of impotence, frigidness and higher libido
  • Unlocking of psoriasis
  • Treatment on the tongue to stop the first cervicals
  • Treatment for chronic fatigue
  • Treatment for pollen allergies
  • Treatment for food allergies
  • Unlocking of Morton’s neuroma

And many other issues such as pain or stiffness in back, neck, shoulders, hips and any other joint or digestive issues, any physical stagnations or blockages I’m going to deal with using my Dynamic Osteopatic Passive Yoga Massage and Pranic Energy Healing.

Come and try, feel and enjoy the treatment and the tremendous difference before and after.

Don’t hesitate. Satisfaction guaranteed.