Foot Reflexology – Dynamic Thai Style – with optional fascia upper body massage over the feet

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For those loving foot massage

… or those you don`t like to be touched at the body, people in pain, people scared, people with limited mobility. Anyone who can lay on his back, even if just with flexed knies, even those who can just lay on the side can receive and enjoy this amazing treatment.

With Silvio`s Dynamic Thai Foot Reflexology you receive via the feet a energetic full body massage, releasing tensions, blockages and energetic stagnations all over the body with loving intention and skillful hands and fingers.
This kind of massage can be given at the massage table or a mat while the body is relaxed. Our feets hold a perfect representation of any point, physical or energetic, of the body.

Our fascia connects everything

Since the fascia, the connective tissue, connects everthing with everything in the body, Silvio also can give a very gentle massage for the upper body just through the feet, from neck/shoulders down to the hips, vertebrae by vertebrae, using precise intutitive rocking, rhythmic and modern osteopathic principles and oscillatory techniques, by using the water in the body, the receivers  breath cycles, the body weight and the gravity.

Rocking / Dynamic Thai Yoga Massage is a relaxing form of traditional thai massage. It is based on gentle rocking, oscillatory and harmonic movements. Rocking / dynamic technique is an effective tool for sensitive areas and clients who are resisting deep tissue massage.

How does the dynamic / rocking thai yoga feet massage feel?

Throughout the massage your body parts are gently rocked for calming and soothing effect. The pressure on muscles and soft tissues has rhythm following the rocking and the pressure is gradually increasing  as the rhythm is picking up and the massage is gaining flow.

How will you feel?

You may forgot how nice and soothing it feels to be rocked like a baby, but while receiving a rocking / dynamic thai yoga massage the feeling is just like that, nourishing and blissful.

After massage people often say they still feel vibrations from the rocking which is relaxing and energizing.

Benefits of dynamic / rocking thai yoga massage

  • Rocking gives a deep sense of relaxation
  • Dynamic pressure effect a greater area then static pressure
  • A great tool for sensitive areas and clients who are resisting
  • Stimulates and recovers freedom and mobility
  • Releases nervous system which stimulates healing

It feels amazingly good, relaxing, opening and freeing.
If this sounds promising to you just give it a try.