OSTEOPATHIC DYNAMIC PASSIVE YOGA MASSAGE – Beautiful and highly effective, deeply relaxing


DYNAMIC PASSIVE YOGA, for all ages and health conditions. Always very individual and uniquely tailored to the client.

Experience the effect of Silvio’s DYNAMIC THAI YOGA Massage.
Dynamic Thai Yoga Massage is unique in Luxembourg!

Gentle and dynamic, rhythmic and oscillating movements release blockages and create a sense of joy and happiness.

Studios in the city, near Gare and in the north in Enscherange near Wiltz.

Home-service throughout Luxembourg.

Deep relaxation and healing for body and mind, given with kindness, compassion, equanimity.

Silvio’s Dynamic Thai Yoga Massage feels fantastic, also wonderful as a wellness massage, you will feel relaxed, light and free. Your body has never been moved in such a way.

Not just for wellness: Dynamic Thai Yoga Massage helps you get out of your busy mind. Ideal for people who are stressed a lot and have trouble letting go, being trapped in their minds, constantly fighting against negative spirals of thought.

This massage also helps to relieve long-lasting physical pain in the back, neck, shoulders, hips, extremities and to learn to let go and to activate the body’s self-healing powers. An effect is immediately noticeable.

Originally, the Thai massage evolved from Yoga and Ayurveda. since about 2000 years. The Dynamic Thai Yoga was developed by osteopaths and mostly western Thai Yoga teachers who have been studying in Thailand for many years, in temples and in renowned Thai massage schools.

  • Effective pain relieve for neck, back, shoulders and hip, knees …

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    Do you recognize yourself here?

  • Is your neck and upper back a constant nuisance?

  • Do you have tight and sore spots that never disappear?

  • Your range of motion appears limited due to pain and stiffness?

  • Is your neck sometimes cramping, like “locked”?

  • Do one or more places feel sharp or pungent? – Do you feel pain or tension in a larger area?

  • You may experience pain that radiate into the shoulders, arms or fingers; or radiate in the head?

  • Do you have pain in the shoulder when lifting the arm?

  • Does lower, middle back feels immobile and stiff? Does it form or is there a hump?

  • Are you worried that you need surgery?

  • Have you tried several chiropractors, massage therapy, active relaxation methods, various pillows, pain relievers, etc.?

  • Is your hip blocked? Do you have hip pain? Or in the lower back?

With the symptoms described above and many others, I can definitely help you effectively.

Come and feel a big difference after just one treatment. I also like to show exercises that help you to help yourself.

Chakra Balancing Massage – Energy-Healing combined with Dynamic Thai Yoga Massage

Do you want something that goes deeper … that awakens your chakras, erases blockages in your flow of energy, and helps you experience and express your luminous mind?

Something that will help make your life easier and more joyful? What relaxes you and helps you release from worries and needs? Something that brings relief in pain? Something that can help you with relationships, chronic health issues, and success? Something that can help you to accept yourself, to love?

Please, click here for more detailed information about.

Healing through building body awareness with Silvio’s active or passive yoga! Silvio helps you to effectively overcome negative moods, fears and blockages in life and to be able to sleep well, to become happier, more successful and more creative.

By opening access to the subconscious mind, Thai massage can help to get to grips with and let go of problem-manifesting thought patterns and Silvio’s background as a yoga teacher and in therapeutic yoga they are in good hands with both mental and physical suffering.

The video below shows an extract of Silvio’s Aqua-Massage.

This feels wonderful, is deeply relaxing, relieving, very well suited to balance the bio-energy system. Well suited even for severe pain, e.g. in herniated discs, arthritis / arthrosis, severe joint pain. It is well feasible at water depths of 0.40 to 1.40 m. If there is no pool at home, this is also possible in the swimming pool.

Very good also suitable for pregnant women who can no longer lie on their backs.

Dynamic Aqua Massage Sequence Extract

Have you ever wondered about massages for children?

If you have children in your life, you are already in tune with how much magic they bring to your days. I love to spend time with kids and let me tell you, most kids are excited about massage!

Please, find more details here.

Believe it or not, children also get stiff muscles and pain, and although they are not yet locked up in unhealthy movement patterns, they learn behaviors that they will carry with them throughout their lives. This is a good reason to start dealing with tensions in body and mind at a very young age, to learn to let go, to flexibilize the body and mind, or to be flexible, either with an active practice such as exercise. Yoga or even with a passive practice like receiving a massage.

Feel ENERGETICALLY CHARGED, NO COMPLAINT, AND DEEP RELAXED. Through Dynamic Passive Yoga – Dynamic Thai Yoga Massage.


  • Find Total Deep Deep Relaxation, Give your busy mind an extended break, find rest, feel affection and love.

  • Effective and lasting help for back, neck, shoulder and hip pain, even with sciatica syndrome.

  • Osteopathic techniques bring relief and healing impulses for your joints.

  • Helps excellently with depression-like complaints, burnout or negative thoughts.

  • Have not you ever wished someone else could do the necessary stretching and physical exercise for you?

A new, truly fantastic body experience, given with love, compassion, serenity and joy from the soul. Feel the healing power. Passive effective yoga, without effort!

Gentle and dynamic, rhythmic and oscillating movements release blockages and create a sense of joy and happiness.

Your energy channels are stimulated: You feel like a new person after the Thai massage. Through the acupressure inner blocks are released and the energy flow in your body is stimulated again. You can think of it as a dam when the locks are opened. The feeling is hard to put into words. You must have experienced it yourself.

Your tensions are solved. The less you move, the more tense your muscles are. This is especially true for any form of sedentary activity. Working on the computer in conjunction with a bad posture promotes muscle tension. The more regularly you solve them, the better.

You save the yoga lesson: The Thai’s call their Thai massage “Yoga for Lazy”. During a Thai yoga massage you will be stretched and stretched. This basically has the same effects on your body as several yoga sessions, possibly allowing your muscles to relax while doing so.
Like the bath in the Jungbrunnen – you feel 30 years younger after a Thai massage. And you all see that too.Silvio gibt Dynamic Thai Yoga Massagen ab einer Stunde. Ihre erste Sitzung dauert 90 Minuten.

(Also available with oil, organic and pharmaceutically pure almond oil, with aroma)

Silvio loves to give sessions in full traditional length, intense and without any time pressure. Receive 30 minutes of a wonderful ayurveda oil back massage as you book a traditional length Thai massage. Traditionally, Thai massages lasted and lasted up to two and a half hours. Video of an Ayurveda massage with Gilles http://silvio.lu/videos/930940197070082/

Inform yourself! SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! 621 349 791 silvio@silvio.lu www.silvio.lu

– Undressing is not necessary. Lightweight gymnastics or jogging pants and T-shirt ideal.
– We have studios in Luxembourg City (near Gare, Flourish LAB, 20 Rue 1900) and in Enscherange near Wiltz.
– At home service anywhere in Luxembourg possible, possibly pay extra.

Studios in the city, near Gare and in the north in Enscherange near Wiltz.
Home-service throughout Luxembourg.

Testimonial by Filitsa Korba, a great Reiki Energy healer, has rated Healing Hands Luxembourg on Facebook with 5 stars – Oct 03/17 for a Dynamic Thai Massage
“I would like to say that I am grateful for the excellent Thai massage I received from Silvio. It was supple, respectful and gentle. What was important to me during the session was that I was in no hurry to finish the job. Silvio was there for me and did not just do his job.
He was very committed to helping me and repairing my body no matter how much time or effort it took.
At some point I felt that he even gave me his last drop of his blood, so that my body felt better.
That sense of commitment was great.
And the final ritual of the session was so appealing!
Thank you Silvio. “

More Testimonials you can find on our Facebook pages fb.healing-hands.lu and www.silvio.lu.