Yoga Klassen und Seminare

Unten finden Sie unsere Klassen und Seminare importiert von Bitte registrieren Sie sich fuer Ihre Klasse via, Klicken Sie auf eine Klasse -> dann “Read more” -> dann “Event Website”. Thank you.

Tariffs for private Yoga and special Thai Yoga Massage and Therapeutic Yoga options please find in this post

Regular Yoga classes rates –
Drop-in per class 20 euros.


5x Flexi-card 18 Euro per class (valid for 2 months) 90 Euro

10x Flexi-card  16 Euro per class (valid 6 months) 160 Euro

20x Flexi-Card 14 Euro per class (valid 12 months) 280 Euro

Course prices, 10 classes in a row, switching between classes maybe possible on request.

Yoga course (10 classes in a row, once per week, valid 11 weeks) 14,50 Euro per class.

Yoga intensive course, twice per week (10 classes, valid 6 weeks) 13 Euro per class.

Flat-rate monthly, valid for all regular classes: 175 Euro

Therapeutic Yoga workshops 120 Minutes for physical and mental well-being and healing, max. 6 participants, currently just 175 Euro per 5 session in a row.

(Guest teachers can have special conditions.) Please, don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions. ūüėÄ 621 349 791