Yoga Klassen und Seminare

Current courses + Questions and registration 621 349 791

Wednesday 18:45 Heiderscheid, Turnhalle, deutsch
Classic Yoga, Meditation, Deep Relaxation,
Mental and physical Wellbeing, Fitness
Physically moderate, Beginners welcome

Thursday 10h00 Alzingen, Deutsch/English
Reiki infused Yoga, Deep Relaxation

Thursday 20h15,  city, Aero Yoga Luxembourg, English
Reiki infused Yoga with Silvio and Simona
Deep Relaxation, Mental and physical Wellbeing, Fitness

Saturday 10h00, Luxembourg Stadt, Englisch/Deutsch
Yoga for grace, lightness and Joy with Silvio. Take a bath in good energy!

Tariffs for private Yoga and special Thai Yoga Massage and Therapeutic Yoga options please find in this post

Regular Yoga classes rates –
Drop-in per class 20 euros.


5x Flexi-card 18 Euro per class (valid for 2 months) 90 Euro

10x Flexi-card  16 Euro per class (valid 6 months) 160 Euro

20x Flexi-Card 14 Euro per class (valid 12 months) 280 Euro

Course prices, 10 classes in a row, switching between classes maybe possible on request.

Yoga course (10 classes in a row, once per week, valid 11 weeks) 14,50 Euro per class.

Yoga intensive course, twice per week (10 classes, valid 6 weeks) 13 Euro per class.

Flat-rate monthly, valid for all regular classes: 175 Euro

Therapeutic Yoga workshops 120 Minutes for physical and mental well-being and healing, max. 6 participants, currently just 175 Euro per 5 session in a row.

(Guest teachers can have special conditions.) Please, don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions. 😀 621 349 791