Energetic-Dynamic and Osteopathic Thai Yoga Massage


Receive a beautiful, deeply relaxing, meditative Energetic-Dynamic and Osteopathic Thai Yoga Massage.

Best passive yoga from an experienced practitioner and life teacher who loves to give. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Where can my Dynamic Osteopathic Thai Yoga Massage and Life Coaching help you?

Removal of physical problems, such as
+Complaints in the muscle, connective tissue and skellet area
+Tensions of all kinds
+Migraines and chronic headaches
+Digestion problems
+Hardening and scar tissue in and around the internal organs
+Detoxification of the body
+Low energy and chronic fatigue
+Eating disorders
+Drug dependence

Dealing with psychological problems
+Stress situations, private and professional
+Difficulties in focusing attention and inability to implement projects
+Feeling of failure
+Bad memory or memory loss
+Negative Thought Spirals
+Lack of self-esteem, self-acceptance, self-love.
+Rage, anger and lack of self-control.
+Burnout & Depression
+Fear and anxiety
+Panic attacks






+Energetic and osteopathic effects
+Rejuvenating and meditative treatment (see advantages of meditation and deep relaxation)
+Free our muscles, connective tissue, joints, limbs and digestive tract.
+Unblocks the spine, hips, shoulders, neck, joints, digestive tract and body fluids.
+pranic healing for body, mind and soul
+Creates mental clarity and connection to your intuition.
+Soothes and eliminates anxious thoughts and emotions.
+Paves the way to self-acceptance, self-love and self-realization

How does it work?
Dynamic and Osteopathic Thai Yoga Massage improves the principles of Traditional Thai Massage through the use of rocking, rhythmic and oscillating massage techniques and a series of movements that create fluidity, continuity and deep relaxation using static and dynamic reflexology techniques and pranic energy healing.
Deep breathing cycles eliminate physical blockages. Just a few treatments usually guarantee lasting success.

Examples where Thai Yoga Massage can be very helpful:
+Chronic back, neck, hip pain or hip blockages
+Joint pain (knee, ankle, feet, hands, wrists, elbows, sacroiliac joint)
+immobility and shortened psoas muscles, quadriceps and hamstrings
+Sciatica complaints
+Arthritis and arthrosis
+Fluid retention
+All typical discomfort and pain during pregnancy, including opening of the pelvic cavity and pelvic muscles for easier birth.
+Infertility, physically, hormonally and psychologically conditioned, also accompanying normal hormone therapy
+Menopause issues

I would be happy to discuss the treatment with your doctor, therapist, alternative practitioner or holistic healer in order to jointly guarantee your treatment success and to rule out any contraindications.

About me
My name is Silvio. I qualify as a holistic healer, life and health coach and yogi with sound practical experience. As a certified yoga practitioner and yoga teacher, I have acquired a profound understanding of the functioning of our body, our conscious mind and our subconscious.
I have been able to gain strong practical experience serving a diversified client base in recent years, with the intention of treating my clients with loving kindness, compassion, serenity and joy, which constantly inspires me to improve and refine my techniques and experience awareness for the physical and spiritual realms of our lives.
I live my life purpose and soul purpose lovingly and with joy in this work.

I love to give.
Every life. Every moment. Every day.

Please do not hesitate to contact me to get answers to your questions.
Silvio 621 349 791 German/English/French (written)
Facebook: www.silvio.lu eMail: silvio@silvio.lu

Prices for treatments in the studio or at home:

Full body treatment (from 90 min) with basic chakra balancing : from 135 EUR
One hour treatments (recurring clients) 90 Euro

Full body treatment combined with full Pranic energy healing (120 min): 180 EUR

Selective treatments (e.g. back, neck, shoulder, hips, knees, elbows, wrists, ankles, muscle tissue) (approx. 45 min) : from 65 EUR

Treat yourself to something very special for once. A wonderful healing ritual.
Silvio’s Energetic Hawaian Lomi Lomi Nui full body oil massage with pranic healing,
starting from 120 minutes – 280 Euro (suitable for returning clients and body-conscious recipients who are used to massages or practice meditation, yoga or deep relaxation techniques)

Pranic healing session (60 min) : 120 EUR

Treatment series are availailable at discounted rates.

Active Yoga

outdoor class in Park Edith Klein








Healing, Motivating Therapeutic Active Yoga for Body, Mind and Soul
Private lessons (60 to 120 minutes, max. 3 participants) – from 90 Euro
Group sessions (90 minutes, max. 10 participants) – 45 Euro