Unfulfilled desire to have children?

You have finally found your dream partner and want to start a family now. But with the desired baby it just won’t work out. You’ve already tried different methods.
You’ve been to the doctor or to the clinic, you’ve perhaps already done a hormone treatment, but the hoped for child did not come. Meanwhile you feel stressed with this topic and your hope to have a baby disappears day by day. There are other ways. Today I would like to introduce you to the fertility massage.
The fertility massage is a holistic, naturopathic approach, which should help couples with fertility problems to become pregnant. I am Michaela, fertility coach.

I have been giving fertility massages in Luxembourg for 2 years according to the principle of Dr. med. Gowri Motha. I have already helped 27 women to become pregnant. My success rate is 100%. If you would also like to benefit from this method, please contact me by e-mail klugeresch@gmail.com

Here comes some information on the effectiveness: The fertility massage combines massages and reflexon treatment. The treatment has the following goals: – Strengthening the immune system – relaxation in the abdominal area – removal of waste products via the lymphatic system – gentle alignment of organs, nerves, muscles, ligaments – hormone regulation In women, the fertility massage promotes blood circulation, purification and detoxification of the tissues of the ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus.



No automatic alt text available.Tensions and blockages can be released and the energy supply improved. Disorders such as cycle irregularities, ovarian cysts, position anomalies such as twisted fallopian tubes or a bent uterus can be treated gently.

The lymphatic system, kidneys, liver and thyroid gland are also massaged to normalise function or compensate for malfunctions. Men can also benefit from the fertility massage. The treatment stimulates the lymphatic system and the excretory functions of the liver and kidneys and promotes hormonal balance. Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor


Slag from testicles and vas deferens can be removed and the sperm-producing system “cleaned” and stimulated. This has proved particularly effective in the case of OAT syndrome (= too little, too little mobile and increasingly malformed sperm).

All the best, Michaela ♥️️♥️♥️